Members affiliated with 7 laboratories in 2 faculties and 1 institute of the Hokkaido University are involved in education and research in the Course in Geochemistry. In order to understand complicated mechanisms of environmental change utilizing varous field survey and laboratory technique, trans-disciplinary efforts of faculty members realize highly organized education of this research field.


We aim to understand various phenomena occurring in the earth surface including atmosphere, soil, river, and ocean through the research on geochemical cycles and chemical reactions. It is essential to collect natural (geochemical) materials and analyze the chemical species in them, which is necessary to understand every geochemical process involved in material cycles on the earth.

We blieve that our research provides deep understandings of environmental problems on the earth such as global warming, ozone layer depletion, and acid rain as well as solutions to these problems. In order to archieve this purpose, it is necessary to nurture professionals through educations of basics and methods for analytical chemistry, atmospheric chemistry, marine chemistry, isotope geochemistry, and paleoclimatology.

All the members in the Course in Geochemistry are qualified to maintain this largest center of research and education for geochemical study in Japan.

Education and Research

Students learning in the Course come from varous faculties such as chemistry, geology, fishery, oceanography, biology, agriculture, and engineering. In order to provide common necessary knowledge for research here, we maintain the carriculum including basic lectures such as atmospheric and marine chemistry, and ones suitable for each speciality such as atmospheric chemistry, chemical oceanography, and marine sedimentology. Through master course, students can learn how to collect natural materials and analyze them in an appropriate way. We also provide students a training for presentation of their new findings at academic meetings.

Because modern environmental problems are always related to chemical processes going on the earth surface, society requires professionals who are capable of understanding geochemical processes. Therefore, we aim to nurture excellent geochemists as will be helpful in academic and societal contexts of problems.

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